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womanly matters.

I've been sexually active with my boyfriend for 2 years. We've used a condom every single time without fail. But now, we're itching to lose the condoms and find other options to make sex that much more enjoyable (and heck, it's about time!).

I am 22 and long overdue my first visit to the gyno (no need for the lecture, I'm scheduling one very soon - but a bit nervous, can you blame me?), and am hoping to leave confident with a method of birth control.

I've been leaning towards Nuvaring, but looking at my current situation, it makes things a bit complicated. I'm due my period soon (probably in a couple of days), which also means I probably won't be able to see my gyno 'til after it's over... which will prolong the time I can finally start using the Nuvaring (since I can't start 'til the 5th day of my next menstruation). By this time, it would be during the week of Febuary 17th, which is our 4-year anniversary. We're planning a trip to Vegas to celebrate... but being on my period, trying out Nuvaring for the first time, and still not effectively protected by a BC (other than condoms)? Not exactly how I want our anniversary week to go down.

I'd prefer our trip to Vegas for our 4-year anniversary period-free and condom-free (but baby-free as well! lol). It would make the trip that much more special... and we can fully take advantage of our Celebrity Spa Suite at the MGM. ;)

Only problem with this is the Nuvaring wouldn't work in this situation. I'm not too sure about the pill (still trying to understand it all), but under my understanding, I can plan when to start taking it to not only have it effective by Feb 17th, but to also have the week of Feb 17th in the second or third week of the first cycle, meaning no messy period.

Am I crazy or will this work?
And am I being crazy for ruling out Nuvaring because of this inconvenience?
And if I choose to opt for an oral contraceptive, which one has worked for you?
(I realize it's different for every person.)

This was long.
I apologize.
But thank you so much.

P.S. I'll be sure to ask my gyno all these questions as well, but your advice will help ease my worries.
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