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Getting ears to pop!

All right, made the first two flights of my three flights and survived. Felt a lot better today, just one problem.

My ears have barely popped. And I got off the plane six hours ago. One of them is half-popped, one of them has barely at all.

This happened when I came off the first flight, but after I ascended into the air on the second one half an hour later, my ears popped for fifteen minutes, and then they were fine. Then, upon descent, they closed up again.

These were inter-Europe flights, so I'm not sure what altitude they were flying at, if that makes a difference, so I'm somewhat worried about my trans-Atlantic flight from London to Toronto tomorrow.

I've tried nasal spray, I've tried the suggestions of 'hold your nose, keep your mouth shut and swallow/blow towards your cheeks', I've tried chewing on things, I've tried sucking on candies, but none of it seems to work.

I can hear and all, it's just somewhat still stuffed up, and I'd like to pop them before my flight tomorrow.

So yes, your suggestions on how I can get my ears to pop sometime in the next thirteen hours?
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