pip3r (pip3r) wrote in thequestionclub,

i'm a huge believer in signs, and everything happening for a reason.

my boss, the SM, drives me insane. i'm one of three other managers. other than her, i love my job. and she's not mean, she just drives me INSANE.

i've had 3 HORRIBLE customers in the past two weeks. my friends and family think it's a sign i should look for a new job. the shit with the customers wasn't even my fault, so i wasn't acting out on thinking about quitting or anything.

so i ask you tqc, should i look for a new job?

what do you consider a 'sign' to do something in life?

what was the rudest customer you've ever had at a job?

i'm 25, and been working for 10 years. i had the rudest one ever last night. she asked if this lady was working. the lady has worked here almost 6 years. but the past year she only works very part-time. i assumed this was a former co-worker. so i told her 'no, she's not working tonight. she actually cut her schedule down to once every 4 - 6 months, and i haven't seen her since before thanksgiving.' later she said "if I ask you if someone is working it's a yes or no answer. and you gave me way too much information." honestly, just sounded like she wanted something to bitch about.
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