Brooke (jedasunrider) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok guys....this is my first question!

I am a NYC native but I go to school in Cleveland, OH.
I am trying to show my friends some of the finer points of the city and I am slowly ut surely converting them all city and culture lovers.

We have saturday matinee tickets for Wicked (w00t) but i think we want to TKTS something for the evening.

I've been away and havn't seen many recent shows, so I was wondering what you guys would recomend.

here is who you have to please:

Me- avid theater goer and lover
rey - my bf, a computer loving eingeneer
rob- a flamingly gay man who sings catchy show tunes all day
josh- a newbie to the city who has yet to see the finer points on broadway.

what show should we see saturday night?
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