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So, my husband and I discovered that our POS condo didn't have any water coming out of any faucets at around 2am last night. This morning when I left for work at 8:30 we still didn't have water. I looked outside and there were no signs that they had to shut the water off for repair (like I said, it's a POS and they do this to us a lot, but I didn't think at 2am on a Sunday, but who knows). So I called the management line, it's was closed. However, there was an option to call another number if it's am emergency that *DOES NOT* need police, ambulance or fire assistance. I called that number and left a message 90 minutes ago.

Is this an "emergency"? Honestly, what else would they call an emergency if you don't count the kind you'd call 911 for? We own this place, so if the heat was dead then that'd be our own problem and not management. So I figured no water and the possibility of pipes breaking because of this an "emergency", am I wrong? I'm also worried that they'll be closed tomorrow because of the holiday.

Haha, I feel so stupid because I work in the operating room and I know what real emergencies are so this feels so stupid in comparison.

*EDIT* We do not pay the water bill. It is covered in our association fee.
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