DeepVoice McWeirdyBeard (andytuba) wrote in thequestionclub,
DeepVoice McWeirdyBeard

Rotating-door policy or lifetime guarantee?

Once you find a friend for a certain niche (biffer, shopping buddy, movie buddy, bitch-about-boys friend, etc.), do you make sure to keep them in that spot in your life, even if your situation changes (they move away, work schedules change to conflict, etc.), or do you end up filling the gap with somebody else pretty easily?

Would you stop talking to a friend because you find out they have different views on life / politics / religion than you?

If they did something really stupid, like slept with your recent ex, would you forgive them? Immediately? After a week or a month? Or would you hold a grudge forever against them being a friend-tard?

ETA: Say you have a SO. If you don't have a profile on a dating site, would you ever consider creating one for you and your (hypothetical) SO as swingers or three-some -- or just socially?

If you do, how far have you gone with someone on it? Which site?
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