:) (jessica_leah) wrote in thequestionclub,

Substitution fun!

Okay, so in all my years as an english major I learned a few things. Maybe not how to spell or punctuate or any of that nonsense but rather I learned that for every character there is a doppelganger in some other story. Partly because characters are bound to fall into archetypes, partly because of one author being inspired by another, and partly by coincidence.

A friend of mine wants me to help her...um...edit... her english paper..


What other character(s) would you sub in the following sentence?

"I don't care if I can't be your Lana Lang, so long as I can be your Chloe Sullivan"

They were referring mostly to the Smallville TV series.

I'm usually more on the ball with this stuff but god damn I am TIRED and not in the mood to help...

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