Pamalamma (brn_eyd_grl) wrote in thequestionclub,

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There's hope

This sweet lady that is in the Respiratory Therapy program with me was kind enough to lend me her Microbiology books (she took the class in Summer A and I am taking it now in Summer B). If it weren't for her, I would have to pay something like $150 for the books. I appreciate this so much. I want to do something nice for her to show my appreciation. Any ideas?

How nice to see that there are still some kind people left out there that will do something to help someone out without expecting anything in return.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I probably won't see her again until the end of August, when our next class starts. I was thinking of putting like $20 in the book before I give it back to her, but I wanted to do something a little more thoughtful.
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