thecatreturns (thecatreturns) wrote in thequestionclub,

Fix my job worries TQC.

I dropped off applications last weekend and I just got a call back from a sushi restaurant, "Yuki".
What do you think being a server at a sushi restaurant entails? (Asides from serving)

I live in an area that isn't super crazy about sushi so there isn't a lot of patrons that go to the restaurant. Plus it recently opened and there is another (IMO slightly better) well established sushi restaurant two blocks over.
Previously I've eaten at Yuki and there was at most, 2 other groups of people while I was there.
When I dropped off my application (Sunday, early afternoon), there was no one!
Do I just stand around all day!?

Should I wait for another restaurant to call me or should I take the job?!
(Of course this is assuming i'm offered the position)
I met a manager at another restaurant that really seemed to like me. I'd prefer to work there, but haven't heard anything from them yet.

This would be my first job serving.
I wanted a job as a server for the tips, I don't think i'd make much considering how busy this place is.
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