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Copyright Laws for T-Shirt Printing?

Fiddlesticks nobody is online who might know the answer to this question, hopefully some people out there in LJ Land will be able to help me.

My favourite movie is Back to the Future. And the 20th Anniversary is coming up...and despite all my wishin' I haven't magically teleported over to LA in time to make a pilgrimage to the sacred sites (re: Filming locations). So instead I want to make a BTTF t-shirt. I once saw an offical one for sale, but it was for BTTF III, which isn't my favourite one and I saw some on the internet once, but they were all out of stock. So, yeah I made a little collage.

And I've located two shops that has a bring-your-own-design-in and they'll make a t-shirt for you, one costs $38 but guarentees to have your t-shirt ready that same day, the other will cost $33 and says that they'll rush it through so I can have it in time for Sunday.

The problem is in both cases I neglected to mention that while I designed the collage myself, it's of pictures from a movie. Now, if I'm just making the t-shirt for my own use and paying for it does it count as "Fair Use" or whatever they call it? or is it still copyright infringement? I'm not sure how to use Google or even Ask Jeeves to find an answer to my question and I don't really like the thought of showing up and having the people telling me off. It would be so embarrassing!

So yeah, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

(Edit: Due to spelling confusion...)
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