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What should I do? Serious and non-serious accepted. Story under the cut

*Update.* I'm a moron and they took the right one. But thanks for the ideas. Apparently, the two teeth share a nerve and blood supply...dur.

I've been having tooth problems for the last month and a half. The top tooth lost its filling at the end of November, so I had it refilled December 1. At that time, they told me I might need a root canal, as it was very close to the root.

January 6th I started feeling pain in that tooth. Later that night, the one below it started hurting too, so I went back to the same place. My dental insurance would only cover one, so I chose the bottom one since it didn't have anything protecting it and there was an obvious cavity. I was told I could apply for financing if the other one needed help.

Fast forward a week, and Thursday evening, I accidentally bit down and the top one HURT. I called my supervisor to let her know I wouldn't be in Friday. Yesterday morning I went in at 9 when they opened. I was turned down for fast financing on the root canal. I tried the dental school, and was told they wanted $65 just to see me. I was crying in the waiting room. I just wanted the pain to stop!

I asked about extraction, and it was a fraction of the cost of the root canal, so I called my mother. She wanted to pay over the phone, but they said she had to come in. She asked if I could come pick up a check, and they said they needed her ID. So she left earlier than planned and met me at the dentist's at 2.

They took me back and got the Novacaine going. The cute young dentist said, "We're taking number 4, right?" I said yes. He said, "Ok, third from the back then." I said I wasn't sure, but it was number 4. He pulled a tooth and the nurse gave me a bag with gauze and prescriptions and I was on my way in about 15 minutes.

After the Novacaine wore off and the pain medication was almost gone, I accidentally bit down. Ow! I counted back, and sure enough, HE HAD TAKEN OUT THE WRONG TOOTH!

Now the dental tech showed me my tooth, and I admit it probably would have needed work at some point. But I might have had the money to get the root canal on that one at that point. Now I'm going to have a huge gaping hole where two teeth used to be. I had finally convinced myself that one tooth wasn't a big deal, and next year I could get a bridge to close the gap, but two?

I called my parents, and my dad said I could sue for malpractice. I just want them to give me a bridge or partial for free to make up for my time and trouble.
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