Michelle (kittychilled) wrote in thequestionclub,

p2p file sharing

In light of all the legal wrangling about the MGM vs. Grokster and StreamCast court ruling, I'm compelled to ask:

Do you promote or discourage file sharing and why?


I'm pretty sick to death of paying upwards of $20 for a CD, only to find it has 2 songs on it I like and the rest is crap. I also (at the risk of sounding like something of an anarchist) despise how filthy f*cking rich the music studios and their executives get over the money we spend. They exert incredible control over the true artists and their material AND half the time these "artists" are nothing but glitter splattered puppets. They don't write their own material and are made popular because they have the right image and can shake their asses on a stage. Ummm, can anyone say Britney Spears?

Honestly, if I like and respect the artist, I'll go out and spend the money on their CD. But just because I tap my toe to Rob Thomas's "This is How a Heart Breaks" doesn't mean I want to buy his crap.
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