hello, tasty children (audiovillain) wrote in thequestionclub,
hello, tasty children


Ok, please help me out here, am trying to order DSL and wondering, do I really need to buy all of these parts from them?

"We will arrange for customers to purchase a
-DSL modem
-DSL filters for your phones
-Ethernet network interface card that connects the modem to the PC
-all needed cables
-and, if needed, will supply a splitter that divides voice and data traffic on the DSL line.
-We will also supply the software to enable your computer to connect to your Internet Service Provider"

I've had Cable before but not DSL so I'm unsure whether any of these cable parts can be reused. And the Ethernet card, is that just a standard card? Because I think I already have one.. is there a way to check?
Is a DSL modem different from a Cable modem, and the cables, are they different?

I'm guessing that I will need to buy the DSL filters for sure.
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