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1. Flossers, how many times a day do you floss? If you floss only once a day, is it in the morning or night? Which do you think if more BENEFICIAL for your teeth? (I'm sure twice a day is best, but just humor me.)

2. Do porcelain crowns and fillings decay as easily as undoctored teeth? Or, do they decay at all? What if one were to brush and floss twice a day? OR if one just stopped brushing altogether?

3. How often do you go to the dentist? Do you have dental insurance?

4. If you do have dental insurance, and you go less frequently than twice a year, why don't you go?

5. Does anybody else LOVE going to the dentist? Even if you have bad teeth? Or especially if you have bad teeth? I have very brittle, fragile teeth and even though I brush and floss regularly, I still expect to have a couple cavities everytime I go in... but it's comforting to know that it's being taken care of instead of just getting worse. Oh, and I had early memories of loving the nitrous. hahaha...

6. How many teeth are in your mouth? Have you ever lost a permanent tooth? How? I have 29 cause I only have one wisdom tooth. haha. My second one has been threatening to break the skin for weeks now, but no go.

7. Did you lose any of your baby teeth in a memorable way? I fell off my bike at age 3 and knocked out my four front teeth. They took six years to come in after that.
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