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Me again

1. Is it safe to fly while you have the flu? I just got sick with the flu yesterday, and my flights home from my vacation start in 26 hours (3 hours then, 8 hours the next day). I know it won't be fun or comfortable (par for the course really for flights since I hate flying), but is it safe, i.e, I won't suddenly keel over and die in the air?

2. How much alcoholic drink would there be in a bottle that's about two inches high, one and half inches wide and one inch wide/deep the other way? It doesn't say anywhere on the bottle how much is in it.

3. On a similar note - with said bottle of alcohol, does that mean I have "goods to declare" when passing through an airport?

4. It may sound like a silly question, but when reporting all the alcohol/tobacco/etc. that I'm bringing back into my country - do I have to mention chocolates with a liquer filling?
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