Caitlin (kiffany) wrote in thequestionclub,

Missing Wallet - G. Kebede (Melbourne, Australia)

My father found a missing wallet on the corner of Princes Street and Douglas Parade, in Williamstown earlier today (Wednesday 29th of June). Perhaps the person who lost it was waiting for the 471 bus at the bus stop on the corner?

The wallet contains the following: one American dollar bill, one Australian two dollar coin, one ticket for a Melbourne v Collingwood AFL match held at the MCG on Monday the 13th of June, 2005 (at 2:10pm), and two uniform passes dated 29/3/05 and 10/6/05 with the wallet owner's name and year level on them (but unfortunately, not the name of the school).

The wallet itself is primarily a tan/grey colour, with what looks like navy blue edging and a zip that is stuck halfway down the zipper. There is also an address card in the wallet that doesn't contain a name or address but does have printed on it the logo for a shop called The Connection, which is perhaps where the wallet was bought.

Although I'm reluctant to say the owner's full name (that way anyone could say they own it), their first initial is G and their last name is Kebede. They are apparently in Year 9A.

If you are Mr. or Mrs. Kebede and you would like your wallet back (or if you know a Mr. or Mrs. Kebede) then please comment on this entry or email me at either or

...and to make it a proper question, have you ever found someone's missing belonging/s? How did you get it back to them?
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