Famous Mortimer (notatracer) wrote in thequestionclub,
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If you bought a movie from Half.com on June 7 and it hasn't arrived, how long would you wait before you filed a claim against the seller?

I sent a very nice email last night to the seller, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. It was (supposedly) sent by media mail and we both live in the same country. Movies I've bought from other sellers after I ordered this has already arrived. The latest date on Half's estimated time of arrival is the 29th.

In 6 years of using eBay & Half, I've never had someone not send me my item... so I don't really know how to go about this. I'm also concerned that if I leave a negative feedback that they'll leave one as retaliation of some sort. So, I probably won't... I just want my movie or my money back.
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