Jo (inaliel) wrote in thequestionclub,

o hay

I return with another food-related question:

I had a few spoonfuls today (probably no more than three, and it's plastic-spoon sized) of some yogurt that had a sell-by date of December 30. The container specifically said that it was good for 7 days beyond the sell-by date. I feel kind, but I think it's more paranoia on my part than anything. I ate lunch around 12:30, 1pm today if that makes a difference.

Would food poisoning be something I should seriously consider/brace myself for, or am I just being super-paranoid and silly? Like I said, since it was so little I think I'm just freaking myself out, but idk. I have some wicked gas, though.

Should I make my boyfriend come over and keep me company until my roommate gets home? I'm freaking myself out, I don't like being home alone, and I kind of need someone to calm me down. I made tea, since it usually calms me down, but I'm so freaked out over this yogurt thing that I don't want to ingest anything else. I haven't eaten since then. The BF would leave in about 2 hours, and I dunno when my roomie will be home.

Help, TQC! What are my chances and what should I do?
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