Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Pointless questions

1. You're in a restaurant and decide to fill out one of those assessment cards. You're at the end, where it asks for comments, when suddenly, the zombie uprising occurs, and the walking dead shamble into the restaurant, attacking the living. People are screaming and running for their lives.

Q: What comment do you leave?

2. You're about to parachute out of a plane. You pop in a stick of gum, adjust your goggles, and hop out. The velocity is intense and you are soaring to earth at over 100mph. You pull the ripcord, and it comes off in your hand, torn off the backpack. You reach for the reserve, only to find that whoever packed the chute, packed the handle into the pack itself, for you can't seem to find it. As the ground starts to get closer, you panic.

Q: What flavor gum are you chewing on?

3. You're on a first date with someone you've had a crush on for a while. You go to the movies and you're in the back. Halfway through the movie, your date kisses you. You kiss back. It heats up, and you put the popcorn down on an empty seat, so you can make out. It gets intense. Your date unbuttons your pants and fiddles around. You've never been so aroused. You moan pleasurably in your date's ear, as you're being stimulated. Luckily, it's an action movie and no one can hear you. Your breathing becomes labored, as you near sexual culmination. It's such an exhilerating feeling...

Q: Does your popcorn have butter on it, and what size is the box?

4. You're on the Titanic, when the ship hits the iceberg. People push and shove, trying to load onto the lifeboats, but it's evident there's not enough space. You're one of the people left behind. The ship lists to the right, and everybody loses their balance. The man next to you falls over the side, and he dangles from the railing. You see the fear in his eyes, and you attempt to pull him back up. You try and get a good grip, but it's just so cold. Your fingers can't fully hold on, and he falls into the darkness. You see his anguish-stricken face as it fades away. You feel terrible. The ship is submerging. The end is near

Q: What color were the man's eyes?
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