a ribbon around a bomb (youarebananas) wrote in thequestionclub,
a ribbon around a bomb

So, I've recently noticed that I suffer from pretty bad performance nerves.  I never get emotionally or mentally worked up, but I get really shaky and warm, and my stomach hurts.  It's only the physical symptoms.  I don't know why at all - I absolutely love performing, and I'm always pretty confident that I won't mess up.  It's also only when I'm performing completely by myself, in front of a crowd - even if I'm in front of people all of whom I know, as has been the case.  While I'm performing, I'm not afraid I'll mess up, I'm just shaky and nauseated, and it really undermines my performance!  Anyway, I'm auditioning for a lead in a musical this week and I really need to get over this!  Can you help me, Dr. TQC?
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