herphotolife (herphotolife) wrote in thequestionclub,

those of you with macs...
i am panicking so much right now. help?!

last night i charged my macbook as usual (i let it charge full, take it out then run it until it sleeps.) etc etc, no problems. i was on it all night until it died, so this morning i came to charge it and it won't. the icon says "(Not Charging)" with the fork sign and the light on the charger itself is green. when i take the charger out, my macbook dies/goes to sleep.

i've had my mac about a year. no problems until now... so what do i do?! do i need a new charger? oh shit. they're £60 and i really can't afford that for another month! right now my mac is running on the battery that is plugged in and says not charging. will it stay on if i keep the charger in or will it just die at a random time?

x-posted because i'm worried as hell :/ oh shitttttt. thank you in advance.

those of you who don't have a clue or don't have a mac: when was the last time you lost your wallet/purse?
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