allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

1. I was at work last Thursday and this woman brought two of her pets in, and her two kids tagged along. After the appointment, I made a candid reference to Thomas the Tank Engine (her kid was playing with Percy) and she was like oh you have kids? and I told her no, I babysit a lot, and she asked for my name and number, which I provided, cause I need a little extra dinero, you know? Well, she called me tonight, and asked if I was available this weekend, which I'm not, but mentioned that she was actually going to see if I could spend the night so she and her husband could have a real, kid-free date.

Would you find this odd, considering she didn't know me from Eve?

2. What is something you've done recently that has made you proud?

It took almost an hour and a half today at work but I managed to get in contact with the right department of the Dept. of Agriculture to get a dirty shelter inspected/possibly shut down. We've had two cases of Parvovirus from them in the past week alone, and almost 10 cases in the past year.

3. When you make a grilled cheese, do you use Kraft Singles or a different kind of cheese?

4. What is one movie you could watch every day for the rest of your life and feasibly not totally hate by the time you die?
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