"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!" (soupcan) wrote in thequestionclub,
"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!"

Hello expert immigration lawyers of TQC:

Let's say you're trying to get someone into the United States LEGALLY on a work visa/residency whatever. He's a doctor, he's your fiance (or your husband, if you're in Panama, where you've gotten married), he's a government employee of his home country (let's say...Panama), he has a ten year tourist visa to the states that he's never abused, he has a bank account with a savings, and he speaks some English. WOULD he be negatively affected by the fact that his dumbass brother tried to sneak into the states, got caught and detained, but left of his own accord?

Alternatively, can you tell me a fun/successful immigration story that will make me feel better about this process? The situation isn't exactly hypothetical D: D: D:
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