Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay. the song "chariot". What the hell is it about? the only lyrics I could make out were "Oh chariot" and I said to myself "I highly doubt there is a top pop song about a chariot race." I aksed a girl I worked with. she said it was about a girl who never liked what she had, always wanted more... and that Chariot was her name. I said that was a fucking stupid name. A guy at work piped in that that wasn't right, that it's about salvation.
Having looked at the lyrics...

Staring at a maple leaf
Leaning on the mother tree
I said to myself we all lost touch
Your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries
And seedless watermelon
Nothing from the ground is good enough
Body Rise
Look what's over me

Oh chariot
Your golden waves
Are walking down
Upon this face
Oh chariot
I'm singing out loud
To guide me
Give me your strength

Remember seeing moon's rebirth
Rains made mirrors of the earth
The sun was just yellow energy
There is a living promise land
Even over fields of sand
Seasons fill my mind
And cover me
Bringing it back
More than a memory


You'll be my vacation away from this place
You know what I want
Holding that cup that's pouring over the sides
You make me want to spread my arms and fly


I'm thinking it doesn't mean a damn thing. like he had a point, and then came off the high and forgot what it was or why it was good.
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