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chunks of hair.....

I am going bald! Help!!

Well, no...not bald. But I have been losing a lot of hair and I don't know what to do! They don't fall off from the roots I notice. So, I have a lot of short short hair making it look very messy.
But that's not where I need help. How to reduce hair fall? I have tried various shampoos to reduce hair fall but no success there. Someone said to take some sort of supplemants when asked they said not sure.

Well, also I would like to know why I would be losing hair?! It's been almost a year... I think... or maybe even more.

Please help! :S

update: my hair is naturally curly, and it has never in its life seen any form of dyes or bleach, or straigheners, etc. I don't brush my hair. Mostly I run my fingers through it to detangle when it's wet and use a wide-tooth comb to comb it through.

Methinks it's the vitamin deficiency. Will try it out. If others have any other suggestions please do share! Thank you!
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