Me (bridgelene) wrote in thequestionclub,

Any suggestions on getting cat pee out of a mattress. . . . more specifically a pillowtop mattress that's a bit under a year old?

We've tried dumping on Nature's Miracle (which normally works really well on carpets and such, for us), a handheld carpet cleaner with the cleaning fluid a "pet stains and odors" one, and also febreezing the hell out of it, and it stillllllll smells :-\

We've left the girls with the "Aunt" Stephanie before a number of times (even for longer than we were gone this time) and they've been perfectly fine. We have the new kitten, and this is their first time being left w/ Aunt Stephanie AND the baby. . . . but we've had him for what, around a month and they both really like him. . . . . So I guess that he was probably the difference, but I don't see why. Whatever the case, it resulted on probably 90% of the top of the queen sized mattress being peed upon *grumbles and mutters*

Not a member yet, but just so ya know I'll also try to find that cat health community that everyone thinks pretty highly of and ask there also. . . . hopefully between you all and there we'll be able to save the mattress! ;-P
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