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Who You are/aren't in Relation to the Time Period You Were Born In?

Ok, so I watch a lot of the History Channel. A LOT. And I started thinking about things I'd seen the other morning - mostly about desegregation and Anne Frank and the like (general prejudiced stuff lately). My little thought train went on a wild ride and since I can't decide for sure about myself, I thought I'd ask you guys! :D

Do you think you'd be a different person if you'd been born in a different era?

Such as, when the feminist movement first started, do you think you would have supported it and felt relieved, or do you think you'd have remained a proper lady/gentleman and turned your nose at the changes?

Same thing for the desegregation movement in America - would you think in the old style or be outraged it even took THAT long?

Also, do you think Anne Frank would have went on to lead a life as reveled if she'd survived the Holocaust? Or would she just have been another angsty girl who wrote in a journal while she was growing up? Do you think if you'd been in Nazi Germany, you would have gone along with it to save your family (which many people did) or would you have been brave and stood up to the oppresion (whether or not you are/were Jewish)?

I like to think I'd still be as fiesty and questioning as I am now - I've always thought your environment can only influence you so much when it all boils down to it. I have always been strongly set in my belief that women can do anything guys can, so I certainly think I would have been anxious to be able to go to college and be out after dark and such during the feminist movement. I also strongly believe everyone is equal, so I think I probably even would have marched and demonstrated for civil rights when that came about. As far as Anne Frank, this is where I can't decide. I have no idea if she'd have influenced people if she would have lived, but I like to think that would have been the case - but that could be just because I love her so much and feel terrible for her having to grow up that way. And while I would certainly take a beating to ensure a gentleman or lady of colour could sit anywhere in a diner and eat, I can't honestly decide if I could tell the Nazi's to go fuck themselves if it meant my whole family would be slaughtered. It makes me sad to think I would cower that way, but realistically, they were monsters who wouldn't have overlooked my uprising, no matter how small.
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