Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

people who eat white bread: why?
I guess also people who eat wheat: why?

Because, I bought one loaf of white because it was cheaper than wheat... I got another half loaf from the boyfriend (because he's on vacation in another state for nearly two weeks)... and I've finally placed the taste and texture of what I'm eating.
to me, it tastes/feels like I'm eating a high quality and very soft but altogether tasteless washcloth.

I prefer wheat because it's better for you, has a taste, has texture...
(my family had white and wheat bread. It used to be just white, but then I asked for us to start getting wheat... which my father supported... but my mom and brother refused to switch.)

Is there a word you always typo? I keep typing "becuase". I don't think I've gotten it right the first time in a month or two now. I know how to spell it, but I guess my fingers want to fuck with me.

edit for new question: if a train track has hills/trees around it in such a way that you can't look both ways for the train until you're right next to the track(remove hills or trees and it'd be fine. more feasible to remove trees), or the guy in one of the corner lots at a T intersection has bushes so that you have to scoot very far forward(in a large car, far enough to make you worry about your headlights) to see if you're clear to turn.... what can be done, other than saying "hey, guy, didn't a chick just get killed at this intersection? that might not have happened if you would cut the fucking bushes down." ? ... and the trees/train thing I think is city property. or something. no one person owns it. how would one go about getting the trees cut down?
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