Buh (metadata) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was going to post this before that stupid Fruit if the Loom question (they're all apparently grapes...) so sorry about multiple posts today.

I have never stepped foot inside a church that I can remember. I did when I was wee, up until maybe 2 years old or so, but I don't remember that at all. I am currently interested in checking that whole situation out. The situation of actually stepping foot into a church. I'm kind of nervous though that I'll do something stupid or not do something I should or completely offend everyone there. I'm planning on checking out an Episcopalian parish. Can anyone tell me what to expect and anything I should know beforehand? I'll be going alone, which also adds to my nervousness a bit. How long before the service starts should I show up? How should I dress?

I posted this in my journal last night and I'm curious on a bigger scale so I'll add this in too:
If you have any religious affiliation, what denomination are you? Even if you aren't currently active I'd be interested to know what you previously practiced.
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