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Ok.....I was sat watching TV earlier, and I saw a little 'thing' run along my floor hugged up against the wall. I think it is a field mouse or something. Once my heart had dropped back into my chest cavity *GULP* I shut the front room door, hoping that it hadnt ran out already.

Now..the dilema.....

I have 3 tame mice in a cage in the dining room.

Will the wild mouse find them and cause them grief?? (assuming it escaped the front room before I shut the door)
What should I put in the trap to catch it??... (I'm going to get a live trap, so I can release it somewhere else)
Can Mice climb stairs??? (Cos I dont wanna go to bed now!! LOL)

EDIT: Ok, yes mice can climb stairs, as I ventured up to bed he was sat waiting for me on the 3rd stair!!!
I think I chased him eventually out the back door!!!
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