Cristina! (cris629) wrote in thequestionclub,

a really long and annoying question

ok... so i have a cell phone plan with Company A. my then bf (further referred to as my ex) was with Company A also, but we decided to get on one plan and split the minutes in hopes of save some money by doing so. My ex and I have since broken up, and his stepmom purchased a new phone and plan for him (with Company A). He has asked that i end his line (he says he will pay for it). I said that was fine. I then received a $526 cell phone bill from Company A (YIKES!) because they fucked up royally. This is the THIRD time that Company A has fucked up my bill. i'm tired of it. So i told Company A that they had screwed up and i was tired of it, figuring i'd get a new plan with Company B. (Company A is in the process of determining how much i ACTUALLY owe them.) It turns out Company B wants a $400 deposit. I don't really have $400, plus the $150 to end my line with Company A, plus whatever else my bill ends up being with Company A, to just throw away. the only real options for plan providers are Company A and Company B. Throw in then that i have a new bf, who has a cell phone plan with Company B, and is willing to put me on his plan (provided i pay my share and whatnot).

So... i can 1- stay with Company A in hopes that they'll get things right (although i will end up with less minutes than Company B gives me for the same price), 2- get on a plan with the new bf and risk this whole thing happening again, 3- pay the $400 deposit and just work extra hard the next couple weeks, 4- say "screw this" and put the decision off for at least a month and a half.

what should i/would you do?
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