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Windows and Harry Potter

1. Now, I've been to six European countries (well, eight technically, but the other two are Monaco and Vatican City) - Britain, France, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In none of these countries have I seen screens in their windows like we do in Canada, and as I've heard from others, not having window screens is normal across Europe.

Why don't Europeans have screens in their windows? It's not because there aren't mosquitos or other bugs, because I've been bitten to pieces by mosquitos during the night both in Italy and in Latvia.

2. If you had to replicate a lesson from a Harry Potter book in the real world, how would you do it? I think Potions, Charms, Herbology, Astronomy, Ancient Runes and Divination would be fairly easy to do, but how would you replicate Transmogrification or Flying lessons? Any wacky ideas you may have on how to replicate any of the lessons would be great (an idea I had for summer camp, to have a Harry Potter-themed day).
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