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A change of question style...

So the really old and regular readers will remember my "how to meet girls" questions, and will be surprised with the new one... :)

Last summer my dorm roommate introduced me to a female friend of his who also lived in (and still lives here, although he moved off campus) our dorm building (same section, pretty much two floors straight up from here, but this is all irrelevant. :) ) After that, she would say hi to me every time she saw me for almost a year before I beat myself in the head with a baseball bat (figuratively) and started actually pursuing her. She was busy during the regular school year, but her schedule is more free this summer and I finally got her to go out with me, and I run into her pretty regularly in the cafeteria here.

Okay, positive stuff out of the way... In general conversation today, she added some new detail to her usual weekend activities. I already knew that she usually went out drinking every weekend. When I asked her today what she did over the weekend, she had to think about it for a while before deciding that she couldn't remember. She talked about being able to drink more before, and now she is completely drunk from only two or three drinks. She also mentioned that she usually doesn't remember anything when she is that drunk, and that just this weekend she only remembers waking up somewhere (she didn't say exactly) around 11AM and coming back to her room before doing stuff for the day, meeting a different friend in that evening, and going back out to a bar again.

To add some random details for perspective : I don't drink, ever. I saw enough of my dad (who took me to bars a lot - plus side was lots of quarters to make me as good as I am today at video games), my mom (who worked as many as three waitressing jobs at a time after she left my dad to have money for us to live on, and almost always were a restaurant with a bar, so I saw that a lot also), and my sisters (my dad had four girls before he married my mom, the youngest is seven years older than me, so they all drank while I was still very young also.) I also was referred by a couple teachers who knew my sisters (they all went to the same schools that I did) to various alcoholism programs for kids in junior high for either kids who drink or whose family members are alcoholics - nothing that I ever thought was directly useful to me, but interesting to see other people's situations and lots of psychology information.

Random other useless data : She's Japanese, and her English is decent. Her parents have lots of money and pay for all of her schooling and her vacationing between semesters. She went to a school in Japan that didn't require uniforms (very rare for those who aren't familiar with Japanese culture.) According to lots of different sources (males and females, pretty much any nationality), she's one of the prettiest of the Japanese girls here.

Must gut instinct tells me that I should not bother persuing her, and that her not-student-side will be more trouble than it's worth for the otherwise fun, non-drinking side. Am I being paranoid, or am I overthinking this? Does anyone have any advice from specific situations they've been through that are similar to mine?
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