Gretch (gretch_a_sketch) wrote in thequestionclub,

computers, college, and music

so im having problems with my computer,
my pop up blocker for internet explorer wont stay on even if i set it so it is always on. how do i fix that?
also, i get SO many pop ups! how do i stop that? besides trying to fix the previous?
and my computer has been giving me a lot of erros recently and today it stopped working basically and turned to a blue screen that said fatal error and i couldnt turn it off. so i popped the battery out and put it back in and everything was ok. (was this bad? if yes, what should i do next time? and what should i do now?)

also,what is your favorite local band?

also, i get a lot of financial aid for college and whatever for tuition is left, i pay for myself. so i usually only have to end up paying about 1000 dollars a year and my parents pay for my text books. i get out the maximum in stafford loans. which is like 3000 this year i think (im a sophomore in a new york college if that helps). so, i have saved some money which would allow me to not have any loans this year and pay for my tuition in complete, but afterwards i would be completely and utterly broke (but i would still have work study in i would make about 35 a week or so...which suited me fine last complaints). so the question is should i do that? or should i save some money for my future? or next summer in hopes of an internship? or is not having any loans worth it? im really scared to just spend all of my money, so what do you think?

sorry for all of the reading you have to do!
Tags: computers, school, work
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