cynicalinsanity (cynicalinsanity) wrote in thequestionclub,

The Backstory...

I have a 13 year old Australian Shepard who is quickly heading toward the end of his life (It isn't imminent, but it will be within the year I imagine...)

For a while, even before he began getting sick, I have wanted to add a puppy to the mix (for various reasons, mostly because he was my running buddy, and he can no longer go with me for very long, and I would like a pup to be able to go on my longer runs with me...

Well, cut to this weekend... I have found the perfect little pup... 5 months old, a dainty little mutt puppy, she'll probably grow into a small to medium dog, somewhere around 30-40 pounds... she was dumped at a no-kill shelter in the area... she's not yappy, already housetrained, and enough stamina to grow into a good runner...

But the problem... I feel guilty... horribly, horribly guilty about getting a puppy when my boy is not doing so well... Now, if he was doing just fine, I would have absolutely no qualms about getting another dog... but, since he is, I am...

Do you think I'm being over-dramatic about the issue? My boy likes other dogs, and plays with the neighbors puppy, but I'm just afraid he'll feel like I'm trying to replace him...

What would you do?
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