Casey (caseypuffy) wrote in thequestionclub,

For those out there that can decipher latin and phrase it properly can you tell me if the following are correct please?

Fortino ortus - to bless birth
Vivo vixi victum forto - be alive, maintain strength
Corroboro amour - to strengthen love

Also I'm after which is the more correct

Ut vivo vixi victum itaque/quod forto - to be alive and maintain strength
Corroboro per/cum amour - to strengthen with love
Ortus corroboro per/cum amour - birth to strengthen with love

I'm tempted not to use 'cum' in the last couple due to the dirty connotations with the spelling. However if it's more correct then I'll use it.

The meanings came from an online Latin/English translator. It's for my boyfriend's Godson's christening. I'm making his christening shirt(it's in conjunction with a medieval themed wedding)and I thought it'd be nice to put on it.
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