Ambiguity (pixsky) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anyone ever dated someone who they'd known on livejournal as well as in life? How'd it go? Did LJ cause any problems? How was LJ used during your relationship?

Met my ex through mutual friends whilst we were at school, the friendship group stays in touch through livejournal.

Didn't work out. I don't blame livejournal for that.
I told him of my alternate journal- more private musings and so forth, when he was worried I wasn't opening up about some family shit that was upsetting me. Hadn't wanted to offload on him, seemed like he had enough troubles, so I'd write about it there. He said he didn't want to know about it, that some things were better unknown.

He broke up with me via a text message, which sucked. Then he read my private journal, where I'd basically said something about it being a particularily thoughtless way to do it- ''120 characters of 'I don't give a fuck'' - and that I thought his timing was amusing 'three days before my birthday'.

Then he wrote a grandstanding apology about how he'd made "a huge mistake".

Even now, more than a month after we finally ended things, I feel uncomfortable posting- I like to post public, like the anonymity of the random button- but I know that he still reads. Recently he posted again- an apology for the way he'd treated me that just seemed like emo grandstanding and justification.

Were I doing it all again, I think I'd keep my secondary journal a total secret, and just say the things that needed to be said. I'm tempted to delete all my journals, really, because I do feel uncomfortable with him having ceased all contact, but continuing to read and comment occasionally. I don't really know why, it's not like I post much personal these days anyway- (though I guess that's partly because I'm wary about who's reading). The only reason I haven't already deleted them is because I still keep in touch with old high school friends through lj.

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