Connie (twofishsquished) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was hoping to be able to take a Trig class at our local community college this Summer. I had registered for a class a month or two in advance and had been prepared for it. I came into class the first day and only 7 people showed up. The school requires 10, at least, on the first day. So, the class was canceled. Now, I already have clases registered for my next year in school and passing a test to understand Trigonometry is required for those classes. I am a very quick learner for Math and already know a bit of the material, so it doesn't have to be anything too complex..

So, do you know any good Trigonometry textbooks ( as so I can do practice problems and have the answers when I need to check them ) I can work out of amd a website I can them order it off of?
Or a website ( my mom insisted she found one, but we can't refind it! ) that sells videos?
Or even an (preferably free ) online class that I can take without having to be registered to whatever school it's coming from?

Thanks for any help.:)
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