The Sparkly One (sparkleplenty03) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Sparkly One

Let me preface this by saying, I'm running a overnight/sleepover program at a museum, and need some ideas for food.

We feed them stew and breads in the evening, but as for the morning, we're still working on it. There is no fire or gas stoves allowed, but we do have electric burners. No refridgeration for more than a day, however.

We've tried oatmeal, but we need to make mass quanities of it (enough for 20-60 people), and few liked or ate it. We've tried fresh fruit and cereal bars, but fresh fruit is expensive, and of course cannot last long. Currently we're using Tastykake/Little Debbie honeybuns, which the groups like, but it seems like we need more to fill the groups up.

So we're stuck. We need this stuff to last for at minimum a month, with no refridgeration (it'll be kept out of the sun, but in a generally warm enviorment), be somewhat inexpensive, and filling. Nutritious would be helpful too, but I can't have everything.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Because I need to make this even more difficult, the more 19th century-sailing ship period, the better.
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