tictoc_clocks (tictoc_clocks) wrote in thequestionclub,

How often (if at all) do you get emails that don't seem like spam but more like it was sent to you by mistake? I have a gmail address that is a dictionary word, though I don't really get mistake emails all that often. I just got this one though:

Hey Pat,

How's it going man?

I just graduated from school and I'm getting going with the web stuff
again. I have a few clients that need some detailed actionsript and
database work... I was wondering if you have the time and would be up
for a little bit of contract work?

Fire your new number over and we'll talk man.

Take care,

Interestingly enough I'm into that kind of stuff. I almost want to email him and be like "This isn't Pat but..." It's almost like a networking contact accidently fell into my lap, haha. ;) (yeah, i wish) But yeah, he probably wouldn't mail back. Should I though?
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