karenbegins (karenbegins) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. has anyone been in a similar experience of going back out with someone and how did it work out for you the second time?

2. how do you gain back what you lost, friendship wise, trusting each other again from the first time?

3. how do you get over your partner cheating on you, when the two of you are still going out?

4. any blowjob tips for a starter?

5. how do you do doggy style? i can't seem to get the hang of it and it always really hurts my cervix.

6. give me some new positions? i can only seem to do missionary because otherwise it hurts too much.

7. has anyone ever considered sleeping with someone else as a cure to get over the betrayal of their partner, whilst still going out with their partner? did it work?

8. ideas for seduction? how do you surprise your boyfriend?

9. do you think a tight foreskin is irrating my vagina because it is so tight?

10. if i don't have sex for a few months, i seem to close up. when i had sex again this week, it seemed like i was losing my virginity again, really hurting. is this normal? sometimes it feels like that everytime?

11. what do you recommend for someone who went mad on the pill? do you think the patch will help? is there less of one type of hormone in it or something?
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