(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

x = buy price
y = sell price
q = quantity

qy-(1.05qx+10)=p where p is profit. (5% tax, 10 fee.)

I want to make a 3-D graph of the price at which you must sell something purchased at a given price and quantity in order to break even (and anything higher than that makes a profit.) Since it will be plotted so profit is 0...


Solve for y (the price at which you must sell to break even knowing the buy price and quantity...)


Why does this look wrong when I plot it using a nifty 3-D graphing utility?

Edit for another question -

The Life and Time of Juniper Lee : Somewhat funny show with a somewhat decent plot whose main character happens to be asian, or show engineering to attract a market segment where no show existed with an asian main super-hero character? (Jackie Chan adventures don't count, that was sort of a niche market, and Jade was designed more to attract girls than asians specifically.)
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