Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Avery W. Krouse

A Few More Randoms

1. How many guys have facial hair? In what manner is yours styled? How do you maintain it?

2. This will sound stupid, but I have no idea how to style or maintain facial hair. I have never borne it, but my girlfriend has announced to me that she thinks I would look sexy with facial hair, so I'm a gonna try it. Are there any websites out there that will help me understand this concept? Like, with pictures or video or step-by-step media tutorials?

3. So, the conclusion of my recent poll seems to be that the QC is primarily female in membership, and situates itself in the college age range, bell curving from there. Thoughts? Reactions? Suprised?

4. MediaShout. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone currently use this as your Media presentation software? Have you obtained V3 yet?

5. What witty and engaging twists have you made to your favorite comebacks? Mine is:
"Aww. I'm going to play the world's saddest song on the world's smallest marimba. *lightly jiggles fingers accordingly*"
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