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School Loans?

Alright, savy ladies and gents, I need some help. Now please note, I will talk to my school's financial person as soon as I can, but my insomnia + my inability to not worry = nagging questions. Plus, the woman who now does my schools FAFSA and stuff is new to it, so I'd like to ask some people who've maybe gone through something similar

In January of this year, I signed up at a local cosmetology school to go full time for roughly one year to become a stylist in the state of GA. The woman who processed our school stuff then pressured me into going full time, even though I was trying to be realistic about my monetary needs/sleep schedule/etc. I don't know why, but in the heat of the moment and the excitement of finally (at the ripe old age of 26) getting some reigns around my life I agreed. This was instantly a problem because with my insomnia and needing to work evenings, I began to struggle to get to school on time or at all. I got really sick and missed a month and filled out a retroactive leave of absence so I would not be penalized.

Then I stated trying to attend school again. I soon realized I would need to work more to be able to pay my bills and asked about revamping my school schedule with the new financial lady. She said so that I would not lose any Pell money I'd already been awarded, to come when I could and after they recieved the last payment for that term, to then pay the $100 fee to have my schedule changed. Between my friend dying unexpectedly and the resulting depression/worsening of insomnia, I haven't even been back since the day we talked about changing things.

I've felt really bad about this and beat myself up pretty harshly, even when I try to remember that I can only go forward from now on, and dwelling on what I haven't done won't help any. Haha, this rarely keeps my self depreciation in check. However, while trying to feel less bad/think of a solution, I realized my car will be paid off in Nov or Dec and this will free up $400 a month. Thus, I would have to work a hell of a lot less/possibly not at all. So I think I need to take a break until then. Is there a way to 'suspend' my school until then without dropping out (especially since I used a leave of absence already)? If I do halt it/drop out, will I have to apply for new loans? Do I have a chance of being rejected (I have little/slightly bad credit and no one who could co-sign for me)? Will my student loans I already have try to start collecting since that could possibly be 6 months after I quit attending? Please give me anything you can offer, even if it's bad news so I can be prepared! Thanks in advance!

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