goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

Lunch! (in the middle of the night?)

If you have a refrigerator in the break room of your work place, do you ever use it?

Has anything of yours ever been STOLEN? What was it? How did you respond?

What do you normally take for lunch to eat?

Can you recommend anything for me to bring? I work a ten hour day and I've been bringing a couple sandwiches or microwave meals.. plus dry snacks to munch on throughout the day; but somehow the last few hours leave me STARVING, even while munching on graham crackers or wheat thins. I guess I can't eat dry crackers fast enough to prevent my stomach from growling. The fridge is all the way downstairs and I already hate leaving the department a number of times to go to the bathroom so I'd prefer not to have to make fridge trips too... so basically anything that can stay fresh in my bag all day and I can eat fast enough (read: not dry) to keep me filled.

What do you eat when you get home from work? Do you ever stop off on the way home somewhere to get take-out?
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