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Freaky Felines

Okay, I'm trying to help a friend out.

Here's the background:
3 cats living together for about 18 months, all females.
One is 9 years old, the other two are sisters and are about 20 months old.
Things were rough at first but now they get along fine, with an occasional "misunderstanding" resulting in hissing and such.

This morning at 5am my friend was woken up by all three cats fighting in the living room. Howling, growling, hissing, tails fluffed, etc. She managed to separate the older one from the other two after a while, and she's been locked in a bedroom all day. The two sisters were separated most of the day, but a bedroom door was opened when the kids came home and they started freaking out at each other all over again. Now my friend is stuck at work, can't leave to go help her kids with these cats, and can't freakin understand what the hell has got them so riled up.

Personally I have never experiences cats freaking out like this. They aren't calming down, no one can get near them, and now everyone is afraid to even try to get near them. My friend was told is she managed to get them to a shelter, they would be destroyed.

She doesn't trust the two younger cats anymore, she cant't keep them, but she doesn't want them to be destroyed at a shelter.

What are some fast solutions to this problem? Would taking them to a vet help at all? Does it seem like maybe something is medically wrong with them? I really don't know what to do besides taking them to a different shelter and not mentioning the episode they are having so that maybe they aren't destroyed.

What other choices are there??
Tags: cats, pets
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