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For the girls: Period hatin'?

Why does everyone hate their period? (This is re: the comments from this post.)

I find it a freeing thing to embrace the whole menstruation thing. Not like it's going away any time soon, after all.

For me,

- It's like my body's own personal reminder to just slow down, take it easy and be kind to myself.
- I like cycles, the whole "life goes on no matter what" thing. Sure, we all have finals and boyfriends/girlfriends and nagging parents and busy schedules and other life stuff, but it's like being reminded that through all that surface stuff, there's other biological stuff going on all the time that's keeping us alive (our hearts beating, lungs breathing, blood flowing throughout our bodies). I just this it's kind of cool. It's life. (Is it any shock that I love biology classes?)

Two things that helped me accept/embrace my periods rather than hate them:

- birth control pills
- menstrual cup (I use mooncup; there's also divacup and the keeper)

Those two are the best inventions ever, I swear to god.

So questions...

1) If you hate your period, why? Is it because you have painful cramps or heavy periods or you just find the whole process aggravating in general or what?
1a) If you don't mind it or even like it, why?
2) Did b.c. pills or anything else help improve your attitude towards it?
2a) If you hate it and you're not on bc pills, why on earth not? heh
3) Am I the only hippie that sees it as kind of a fascinating process?
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