_wshyouwerehere (_wshyouwerehere) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do those Enzyte (male natural enhancement pills) really work?
What exactly does it enhance?

What would be the side effects, not being able to get it up?

(:P I'm a girl, I'm just wondering)

Also ;

I'm paying $400 for private driving lessons, the teacher of the class is also the owner, and hes always starting fights with me over dumb stuff, and he'll embrass me and tell me the reason why I don't get it is becuase I don't pay attention becuase I probably have ADD or something. He'll end up making me feel like such shit, and he isn't even that great at teaching. He tries to mess with kids a lot (joke around) but he'll be really lame and say dumb jokes that no one gets.

And, he's very "cheap" with the school. all we do is watch movies from the 80's about driving, and he has about 6 beaten up driving books. I don't understand that getting $400 for every kid in there, and not being able to get better stuff. Should I just swallow my pride, and just ignore him for the rest of the class? (I have one week left)
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