Amanda (sexie_flamester) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is anyone else's LJ running really slow? (Like showing pictures are taking forever) It's so irritating! It's been happening off and on all day it seems.

What did you do today?

What are your plans tomorrow?

*EDIT* A couple more questions:

Have you ever been arrested? What happened?

What are your vices?

I'm getting mad because I've been wanting to see pictures on ohnotheydidnt and LJ has been slow ALL day.

Today-Not much. Woke up pretty late, did the dishes, tried to stay happy.

Tomorrow-Making packages. I'm running really late on making packages of things I sold. Looking for a job.

No. Although I think I might like it if the cop was a woman...There's just something about a woman in uniform.

Vices: LJ, chocolate, junk food, Teen Magazines or even Women's.
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