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if this shouldnt be here, let me know. ill delete it.

im awfully suspicious of my stepfather...

i noticed when i got home from work today an open can of cherry coke was on the computer desk. no doubt my stepfather had been on the internet while my little sister was with my grandparents and my mother and i were at work (mom and i work at the same place and the same hours, so we get home at the same time every day). mom had mentioned that carl took half of the day at work off. i figured hed do something constructive. apparently not.
my parents just left to go visit my grandparents and some family members that are in town, so out of curiosity, i log off of my xp and into his. i get on the internet and some strange msn stuff is popping up, making anything and everything difficult. i check his internet history. every website he went to today (im guessing 100+) was pornographic, aside from the official wwe website, visited once. i notice in the history for the past four weeks that every last site is porno. whatev, his life, right?
the thing that freaked me out the most was when a window to sign into aol instant messenger popped up. i could get the password for the life of me to explore the friends list, but the screen name was "gabbygirl". there was also "gabbygirl720". wtf?!
is my 40+ year old stepdad is posing as a woman online? i tried to get the password mailed to me, but i couldnt get into his email account to get it (which, im assuming, is the account to which it would be sent). i guessed everything he might have used to no avail.
im awfully freaked out. i dont care if im being nosey. i already know him to be two faced, a liar, and a hypocrite, so i could care less if he finds out ive been nosing around his "side" of the computer. nobody i know uses this computer except he and i, and absolutely no one i know would have the name "gabbygirl". my mother is lucky she can start a computer, she has trouble running cd players, so i know it isnt her. my stepdad is pretty good with technology, though, so i dont doubt he could figure out an IM service.
what should i think or do? anything? id hate our computer to get completely pornified because of him. we almost lost a battle to insane amounts of spyware and adware because of all the shit from porno sites, obviously his doing, despite his denial of knowing what was going on with the computer. thankfully a good friend of mine is a computer tech and spent a few good hours gutting and reinstalling everything on my computer for free.
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